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Industry leader master agency

Americomm has been supporting Agents across the country for 22 yrs. Gain access to 30 carriers, through one point of contact..

Americomm consistently ranks in the top 10 in annual  sales with Charter Cable, EarthLink and Windstream.

Consistent and Responsive Support

Quick and personal response to all quote requests.

Obtain quotes from one consistent point of contact. Your quote will come from one of our experienced agent mgrs, not a web portal.

Instant Access to Americomm’s “back office”

Agents instantly receive access to the back office support staff at Americomm. In addition, you will have access to Americomm’s project coordinators within each of the carriers we represent. This provides you with the best support staff in the telecom industry.

Americomm’s 22-relationship with upper level management within each carrier is available to you from day one. You will be identified as a team member of one of the largest Master Agents in the country.

No Quotas or commitments

Americomm is here to provide you with the best support in the industry whether you sell 1 or 20 accounts a year. We require no quotas or commitments with any of our commission plans, while still paying you higher commissions than you will receive through the carrier directly or any other master agency in the country.

Industry Leading Compensation Plan

Americomm will value you as a partner. We prove it by compensating you with the most aggressive commission plan in the industry.

Please contact us today to begin providing your customer’s with a truly consultative telecom evaluation that will in crease their level of services while reducing their monthly expenditures.